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Parent Pay  

ParentPay is our online payment system, making your payments to school easier and more efficient.  Dinner money, trips and swimming lessons can be paid in this manner. Ace Club will be added later.  ParentPay offers a highly secure payment site, where you can see the history of payments made and gives you the freedom to make payments to school whenever and wherever you like. 

Getting started

The ParentPay web-site is easy to use. You will be given an activiation letter containing a temporary username and password by the school office team. During the activation process you will be guided through changing your username and password to something more memorable. If you would like to use the system but don't have internet access, then a PC will be made available in the school office for use and the school office staff are able to help with any difficulties or queries. If you prefer to pay using PayPoint then please see a member of the office staff.

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