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Year 3 June 2018 (37 images)

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Year 4 May 2018 (0 images)

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Year 1 in the woods (96 images)

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YR October 2017 (36 images)

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June 2018

Year 3 have worked hard on problem solving skills in their sessions in the woods, working as a team and practicing communicating, encouraging each other, and building resilience through dealing with failure and having another go.  They played minesweeper, did some fraction work whilst learning to light a fire with flint and steel, worked together to play safely on the swings and in the play barrel.  The children climbed trees with adults and ladders and ropes safely by themselves.  They worked in a group to move tyres and equipment up and down the field.  As part of their history learning in practice the children made arrows and created targets and learned how to safely fire a bow, as the Romans might have done, which is very much trickier than many of them anticipated!  Despite the warm weather it was cold in the woods as the canopy is so dense at this time of year, which the children did not expect; lots of science learning in those 'I don't need my jumper' conversations. 

May 2018

The children in Year 4 have been lucky to experience the most lovely Forest School weather we have had for months!!! In the shady canopy of the beautiful green leaved trees we have worked hard on our fine motor coordination skills, making bows and arrows incorporating tricky knots and manipulating willow through bending and peeling.  The children all got a turn at safely firing their home made bows and arrows and the children will be allowed to bring home their arrows if a parent comes to collect them. The bows are being used by other children in school,but with some string, a freshly cut stick and some hard work all the children will be able to recreate them at home if they wish. We also worked together to make a wattle fence, sawing and hammering in uprights and then weaving willow through them to create a stable construction.  In their own time children made a selection of dens, obstacle courses and attempts at zip wires; balanced, climbed and swung and enjoyed campfires, hot chocolate and marshmallows.  What a brave, creative and hungry group of explorers!


April 2018

The children in Reception class have worked hard in the woods, testing their observation and exploration skills,finding spring flowers and exploring new vocabulary to describe what is around them.  The children used peelers, bradawls and hand drills to develop their fine motor coordination skills and made a stick game for the classroom, wooden disc decorations and stick men.  We found bugs and beasts hiding in the woods and tried to learn the names of some of them.

We had lots of chance to move and wriggle, climbing, crawling, swinging, jumping and running around the obstacle courses we made for our woodland squirrels.  The children had chances to keep consider how to keep themselves safe when moving about in the woods. 

Marshmallows were enjoyed as always!


March 2018

Year 6 have been busy over their weeks in Forest school, developing teamwork and communications skills through a variety of activities. They have also learnt how to use a range of hand tools.  The groups have worked together to build the new planters outside the classroom from flat packs, using screwdrivers, hammers and nails.  They have developed gardening skills, bedding them with pansies and lavender for everyone in school to appreciate.  The children worked on small wood work projects sawing and using a hand drill to create their own key rings to take home.  The group have enjoyed exploring the embankment and den building, and created whole class games of tig and hide seek as well as two tribes to play the games in.   They have dealt with tough weather and, this week, had the chance to enjoy some very welcome spring sunshine!! And finally, marshmallows and magic in the fire... See the photos above...

February 2018

Year 2 have spent the last two weeks in the woods focusing on their science topic about materials.  We have collected and sorted materials, discussing their properties and classifying them in our own sorting circles.  Some of the children began a project where they tested the waterproof and insulating qualities of materials to design a tent or sleeping bag for a teddy.  Some children mixed powder paints in the snow, exploring the language of colour mixing, others used their previous knowledge of colour to record the spring flowers coming into bloom; daffodils, snowdrops and winter aconites.

All of us learnt more about how to keep warm in the cold and the snow, and some of us even built a shelter in a blizzard and had a fire in the snow and toasted marshmallows!!!

As always, dens were built, ladders climbed, games played, ropes swung from, hot chocolate slurped, knots tied and imaginations exercised!!!

A big thank you to our grown up helpers x


February 2018

Year 5 have spent their time in the woods focusing on communication skills- listening to each others' ideas, positive responses and co-operative problem solving.  We've worked through various tasks which involved team thinking and even developing a collective working memory and communicating it, including making catapults, playing mine sweepers and recreating Egyptian irrigation systems- Shadufs.

In the woods the children have learnt about using the flint and steel to light the fire, whittling techniques with knives and safely being independent on the ropes and swings. In the final session we whittled our own skewers to toast marshmallows and worked out how the Egyptians moved enormous pieces of stone around using rollers and slaves!


January 2018

Year 4 have worked hard in the woods over the last few weeks and covered a huge range of outdoor and curriculum skills in their learning.  We started off with map reading and learning some simple orienteering skills, which involved learning about teamwork and developing communication skills.  The children solved mathematical problems in a huge game of battleships which they had to create the grid for using string and pegs. Playing the game involved working as a team to develop a 'group working memory' and find ways to communicate it with each other!  We spent time identifying trees across the whole school site.

  In the smaller group sessions the children worked with adults and learnt how to safely use a bow saw in the woodland area.  The children also spent time choosing their own activities including fire lighting with an adult, independently climbing and using the ropes and swings whilst learning how to assess risk for themselves. Dens were built, an armoury of spears was whittled and our imaginations came out to play...


 December 2017

Year 1 have had a brilliant learning experience in the woods, we have whizzed through exploration activities including looking at leaves, making shadow shapes, finding animal habitats and making clay creatures.  We have spent longer developing skills to read, draw and make simple maps, and created and completed an orienteering course. 

We have learnt how to climb, swing and move around in the woods safely. 

We also created some xmas tree decorations that we will be completing in class, by sawing discs of wood with the bow saw and using a hand drill to make holes in them. 

We used the woodland camera to try and capture images of the animals that are in the woods when we are not there, and we also found a frog and a toad hibernating beneath our big bag...


November 2017

Reception have had a busy three weeks in the woods exploring, They have got to know the space and learnt how to play adventurously whilst keeping themselves safe. We have climbed ladders, swung on swings, climbed ropes and built dens.

The children have had opportunities to be creative, making characters by peeling, knotting and modelling with clay.  We’ve played predator/ prey games, collected and studied objects in nature and looked for evidence of animals all around us.

We also watched how to light a camp fire and enjoyed toasting marshmallows on it in the last session!!!